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Any Arlington, Virginia resident knows that the beautiful landscape was made for two! With several dog friendly parks in Arlington, it only makes sense to explore, discover and experience the beauty of Virginia’s scenery with a furry friend at your side. This Eastern state boasts over twelve verified animal friendly parks, some including serene water views and spots by the Potomac River.

Along with the mass quantity of dog friendly Arlington spots is a mass variety of activities. There are multi-use trails, picnic tables, fresh grass and shade trees around every corner. With more than a dozen sites to choose from, you’ll never run out of fun activities and new areas to explore with your pet. Make sure to visit Fort Barnard, Barcoft, and Towers some of Virginia’s finest dog parks.

As natural outdoor lovers, dogs of all kinds look forward to their time outside. These fuzzy animal friends enjoy time off the leash, however some enjoy it too much. For dogs that are prone to run away, places such as Shirlington, Benjamin Banneker and Glencarlyn parks sport fenced in areas with plenty of streams and foliage to explore, the perfect place to let your pet run free.

Spending time outdoors with an animal has its positives over spending it alone. As extremely loyal creatures, dogs will stay by your side through any weather. A sunny beach day, cloudy day at the park or rainy walk through the cemetery are all adventures to experience with your pet. As a generally pet friendly state, bringing your dog with you as a companion throughout your day proves to be an easy and fun task.

Don’t have a dog to spend your days in Virginia with? There’s no need to fear!
The Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
is in search of loving homes for adoptable animals of all kind. This pet friendly shelter saves helpless innocent cats and dogs from abusive owners and other bad environments. Support this Arlington animal shelter by adopting a dog of your very own or donating a car through the DonateCarUSA program. Make a difference in the life of a Virginia dog today.