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One of the most common excuses/rationalizations you’ll hear from a drug addict is “It’s only effecting me.” Though this phrase is in no way true, it becomes even more the opposite when the drug user is pregnant. We all know that drugs can negatively affect the human body in several harmful ways, however, upon reaching a fragile child in the womb it can be life threatening.

How can drug use harm a baby growing in the womb?

As the baby is in this fragile state of rapid growth, an unknown substance that was not made to be in the body can cause a lot of damage. The chemicals of most drugs can act directly on the fetus, messing up the internal and external growth and formation of the child, causing birth defects, mental illness, and even death.

Why do the drugs taken by a pregnant woman affect her growing baby?

Everything a pregnant woman puts in to her body takes the same main route. It is no different with drugs. Once in her bloodstream, the drugs and anything else in mom’s blood will cross the placenta, an organ located in the uterus with a primary purpose of nourishing the baby. The only thing separating mommy’s blood from her child’s is a thin protective membrane that can easily be crossed, resulting in drugs making it through the umbilical cord and into the child.

Can drugs harm the fetus without crossing the protective membrane?

Yes, and it most likely will. The harmful elements that can be found in most drugs react negatively with the placenta, ultimately resulting in a deranged function. The blood vessels will constrict, causing the fetus to not receive enough food and nourishment and the child would be born underdeveloped and/or underweight, and possibly miscarried.

What if somehow the drugs don’t make it to the placenta?

Even if the drugs in mom’s bloodstream don’t happen to reside in the placenta, the negative effects of the drug abuse of a pregnant mother will inevitably affect her baby. Harmful drugs can cause the walls of the uterus to contract rapidly and damage or kill the child. Even if by some miracle the drug substances got nowhere near the growing fetus, they could still affect the mother’s blood pressure which would limit nourishment to her child, weaken her immune system which would make the child prone to sickness and even infect her brain, causing her to make unintelligent decisions that could harm her baby.

Even with all this educated information out there on what drugs can do to a growing fetus, many pregnant mothers still make poor decisions. For this cause, the Pediatric Interim Care Center works hard day and night to care for the fragile children born from drug abuse. Make a difference for these innocent Washington children by donating your vehicle easily online with the help of DonateCarUSA.