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It is important to find responsible homes for healthy unwanted cats and dogs. Animal Rescue Force‘s goal is to place cats and dogs in a safe home through their adoption center. One way you can help save a pet this year is by donating your car to charity. ARF has the following mission to rescue dogs and cats:

  • Through the use of Animal Rescue Force adoption center, the charity works to find safe and responsible homes for unwanted cats and dogs, no matter how long it takes.
  • Each person is screened before they are allowed to adopt a pet from the ARF.
  • ARF offers a low cost spay/neuter option to encourage the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, and has a program to help educate the community through information dissemination of literature.
  • The Animal Rescue Force has a committee that plans long range shelter options to help support unwanted cats and dogs in their community.
  • A Pet Ownership Symposium is provided by the ARF, along with literature to educate the community about the importance of owning a pet and the responsibility that comes with it.
  • Legislative information is available at the Animal Rescue Force adoption center to help support and improve the environment for cats and dogs through membership to NJCA.

Donations Help

Car donation helps the Animal Rescue Force with providing the funds needed to pay veterinary bills. All adopted pets from the ARF have been neutered and vaccinated before they are adopted. Also, there are animals that are too sick to be adopted and require medical attention and treatment for dental problems, respiratory issues, and other health complications.

Currently Animal Rescue Force adopts out between 500-600 pets per year. Some of the animals are only with them for a week and others are with them for a few months, but what is important is they never give up on any animal. The Animal Rescue Force has been in operation for over 40 years and strives to help each and every cat and dog they can. The ARF relies heavily on car donation to fund their operation and volunteers to help with the adoption center.