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Since 1962, Highfields has been offering hope and a hand up to thousands of Michigan state youth. What began as a residential facility for troubled boys has grown into a multi-faceted human services organization providing residential, educational, and community services to individuals, and particularly youth, from all over the state of Michigan. The donations they receive from generous community members has helped them to reach over 6,000 individuals each year for many years. Giving them the life skills and opportunity they need to improve the quality of their lives. People from all areas of the community have found ways to help Highfields give those in need the power to help themselves. Through monthly giving, estate gifts, endowments, and even car donations through DonateCarUSA, people have come together to support this amazing group.

Residential Services

But just what ARE they doing at Highfields that is making such an impact? Their mission is three-fold. First, Highfields has continued the tradition that they began with by offering a residential facility for youth who need a safe place to stay, learn life skills, and set achievable goals that will help them reach a little higher towards the life they want to live. By focusing their attention on teaching responsibility and promoting healthy family relationships they have been able to maintain an 80% success rate of turning their lives around.

Educational Services

Second, Highfields focuses on educational programs with programs that teach leadership, communication, and teamwork skills in both an elementary and high school setting. By teaching the skills required to navigate complex relationships in a family, workplace, and school, students are better equipped to handle frustrations and challenges. Highfields also works with court-adjudicated youth to help offer them the skills they need to overcome poor choices in the past and to be empowered to make better choices in the future.

Community Services

Third, Highfields offers 11 different community services programs designed to help individuals and families at their earliest point of need. From newborns to married couples and parents Highfields offers educational programs and counseling all aimed at keeping families together and building healthy relationships.

At Highfields they believe that people can change with the right opportunities and adult interaction. They are reaching out to those who are reaching up, looking for ways to develop happy homes and secure children who grow into stable adults. If you are looking for an opportunity to donate your car to a community organization that is making a real difference, then look no further than Highfields. Your generosity can make the difference that makes their world a better place.