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Donate your car for at-risk youth with the outstanding youth charity Create Now. Create Now seeks to change the lives of at-risk youth who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, left homeless, orphaned, runaways, and other high-risk situations from ages of 2-21 through creative mentoring of the arts. They focus on education and other opportunities to help disadvantaged and vulnerable kids giving them the chance to participate in therapeutic programs that involve writing, music, performing and visual arts. These high-risk children also have the opportunity to attend plays, concerts, and other cultural events in the Southern California area. Create Now promotes positive contributions in the community and supports youth in need by:

  • Promoting confidence and self-esteem through creative arts and cultural events

  • Providing caring adults to help positively influence youth through effective mentoring

  • Building literacy, healthy attitudes, education, and positive behavior

  • Imparting career goals, jobs, and materials to the youth

The “forgotten children” can be found in group homes, detention facilities, special centers, schools and shelters all over Southern California. They remain hidden to the general public and often fall through the cracks of society. Create Now has a network of over 100 youth group partners and draws from over 1,000 youth facilities to recruit volunteers in local neighborhoods to help meet these children’s’ individual needs. The main programs that Create Now offers are:

  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Digital Media

  • Performing Arts

  • Literary Arts

  • Fashion Design

  • Cultural Excursions

The programs can be a one-day event or last for several months or years. The programs are customized to the circumstances of the youth, and are organized with the help of the partner agencies and volunteers. Create Now offers training to all their volunteer mentors, and they hire professional artists from their field of expertise.

Each Create Now program is evaluated on these factors:

  • Each student’s interaction with the group is evaluated by the mentor/teaching artist. Also, the youth and the staff give feedback about the experience.

  • A written examination is given both before and after the workshop to assess the development of performance skills and also the understanding of the medium of art.

  • An analysis is done by the mentors, facility staff, and youth that helps improve self-respect and self-awareness.

  • A review is done at the end of the workshop to examine each individual child’s behavior and to determine the long term influence of the experience.