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Everyone has been affected by cancer. We all have a loved one, family member, or acquaintance who has fought a brave fight or who is currently fighting a battle with cancer. There are several organizations who raise money and awareness for adult onset of cancer, but very few that bring to light the children who suffer from this terrible disease. America’s Baby Cancer Foundation is focused to bringing awareness to children who have cancer, help fund research, and educate family members. The mission of America’s Baby Cancer Foundation focuses on birth to early childhood cancers that are rare. In the United States, cancer is the leading disease cause of death in children. Car donations are an excellent way to help support the mission of the America’s Baby Cancer Foundation.


Sobering Facts About Childhood Cancer

  • Although research is being done to find a cure, each year cancer rates are rising approximately 1%. It is unknown why tumors are increasing in children every year, but because of research and the development of new treatments children are experiencing better survival rates.
  • A child is diagnosed with cancer every 36 seconds.
  • Every year more than 40,000 children undergo cancer treatment.
  • Side effects for the children who do survive cancer are infertility, secondary cancer, and heart failure.
  • Children’s cancer is present in all socioeconomic groups, ethnicities, and gender.
  • Age six is the average age of diagnosis for children with cancer.
  • In the 1960s childhood cancer was almost always fatal, now with research and treatment the survival rate of 5 years or more is close to 80%.
  • The most rare cancers now have a 46% survival rate because of the discovery of treatment by medical staff through research.
  • There is about 375,000 adults alive today that have survived childhood cancer.


The innocent children with cancer need someone to fight and speak for them and America’s Baby Cancer Foundation gives them that voice. The ABCF offers support, education, and resources to the family to help them fight for their child with cancer. The American Baby Cancer Foundation also connects families to medical staff and health care professionals while offering families financial assistance, funds for research, alternative and traditional programs, and advice.