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During the holiday season it is hard to imagine that there are people struggling to find a safe place to stay. One way people can help is by donating cars to charity. Vision House is a nonprofit organization that began in 1990 to give a confidential and safe place to stay for homeless children and families. The services provided by Vision House includes food, clothing, housing, counseling, child care, skill development, employment, and integration into the community. Residents of Vision House are allowed to stay for a year and a half to two years to get the support need to make long term changes. In some cases they can stay longer if they are working on a four-year degree. Some of the programs Vision House offers are:

The Family Program

Case management and transitional housing is provided for homeless families, primarily mothers with children, participate in the family program. The focus of the program is giving the education and support needed to help families move into a permanent housing situations and to be able to provide adequately for their family’s needs. The Vision House has a strict no drug and alcohol use policy and the case manager meets weekly with the family to set goals and to give support to meeting those goals. The purpose of the family program is to help reintroduce the family into the community by giving them the support necessary to be successful, through classes, counseling, activities, and mentoring.

The Men’s Program

A stable group-housing environment is provided for homeless men. A treatment program for drug or alcohol must have been completed in order to qualify for this program. All residence are required to stay alcohol and drug free during their stay. The case managers and residents meet weekly as individuals and in a group setting. This program helps supports the residents with treatment plans, sobriety, and to encourage career and education goals. The men who participate in this program receive counseling, classes, vocational training, mentoring, and their medical needs are attended to.

Children’s Village Child Care

Vision House offers a licensed preschool program and child care center. They offer quality and affordable child care services to both children living at Vision House and children in the community.