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Individuals with disabilities find support from the charity Action Toward Independence or ATI located in Monticello, NY. When you donate a vehicle to Action Toward Independence you help promote participation, personal choice, independence, and inclusion of people with disabilities. Action Toward Independence champions human rights and helps individuals reach their goals through advocating for those who have mental, intellectual, or other disabilities by offering the following services:

Skill Development

There are various settings and programs that help individuals develop skills to use in daily living. Household chores, shopping, and budgeting can be taught multiple ways to fit a person’s ability and can help an individual with disabilities live more independently.


Staff members encourage people with disabilities to make and reach their goals by sharing experiences that will help motivate individuals. Counseling is offered both in groups or on a one-to-one basis.


Action Toward Independence gathers and explains information to families and the community of individuals with disabilities. The information consists of important matters that relate to housing, employment, education, transportation, and much more.

Civil Rights Protection

Protection of rights is one of the most important services that Action Toward Independence offers. Some of the ways that ATI advocates for civil rights is by raising awareness in the community, giving consultations in education and employment, and legal protection. There are several state and federal programs that can assist in protecting an individual’s rights along with organizations and businesses.

Advocacy Programs

ATI offers several advocacy programs. They help veterans by striving to support and understand their needs. Action Toward Independence also advocates for people with mental illness or chemical addiction. Skills and training are also offered for people with autism, disabilities, and support for parents with children who have mental or intellectual disabilities.

Prescription Help

ATI assists individuals in getting affordable prescriptions to those who qualify. There are savings programs that are offered through pharmaceutical companies that require an application. The advocates at ATI assist individuals in enrolling in these programs.

Other Services

Action Toward Independence also offers, computers, internet access, adaptive software for the blind and deaf, autism parent support groups, benefits advisement, and much more.