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The Northeast Animal Shelter, established in 1976, is one of New England’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters. They have placed over 110,000 cats and dogs since we opened their doors.

How Your Donation Helps

Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) is one of New England’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters.
NEAS receives no local, state or federal funding and is entirely dependent on contributions to cover its annual operating budget.
NEAS saves more than 4,000 homeless dogs, puppies, cats and kittens each year by placing them in permanent, loving homes.
NEAS’ Saving Homeless Pets Across America program transports unwanted dogs and cats from other parts of the country where spaying and neutering are not common practices and unwanted litters abound. In addition to paying for transportation costs, NEAS pays for medical costs – even life-saving surgeries.
Vehicle donations are an ideal way for donors to help NEAS save homeless pets.


347 Highland Avenue
Salem MA 1970
When Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) was founded in 1976, our goal was simple – to rescue homeless cats and dogs and place them in permanent, loving homes. I’m proud to say that NEAS has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations - NEAS saves more than 4,000 homeless cats and dogs each year. NEAS is now one of New England’s largest no-kill shelters. NEAS’ kennel staff and volunteers work 365 days a year, caring for about 100 pets each day. They are always preparing special food for dogs and cats who don’t want to eat, keeping the kennel spaces very clean, gently handling many frightened animals, and providing medical care. NEAS’ adoption counselors work tirelessly to place each pet with a carefully matched adopter. Our work is hard. It can be very emotional at times. It is so heartwarming to see a local family come to our adoption center and be united with a furry family member. I will never tire of seeing a newly adopted pet, leaving with her or his new forever family – adults and children smiling, dogs’ tails wagging, cats purring. With each pet’s life that we save, a caring adopter will take home a new best friend who they will love and cherish. Most of these pets were facing euthanasia, and are now beloved members of local families.

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