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LOVEPAWS was founded as an animal intake prevention program to help keep pets in homes and out of shelters. To do this, we offer various types of assistance to pet owners including our pet food pantry and our re-homing service. We help find new homes for pets whose owners cannot keep them but do not want to surrender their pet to the shelter.

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We help find new homes for pets whose owners cannot keep them but do not want to surrender their pet to the shelter.  While our focus is on Prince George’s County, MD, we offer these services to the entire DC Metro area. Our scope and mission has grown quickly since we were founded in 2019 and we now pull dogs and cats from open-admission, high-intake shelters in MD, VA and other Southern states. This has expanded our rescue to be able to save dogs and cats of all breeds. Our expanded mission is to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats and place them in loving and permanent homes. While we are a non-breed-specific rescue, we are a pittie-friendly rescue that has a soft spot for the pit bulls at the Prince George’s County animal shelter. They face the heartbreaking reality of the county’s pit bull ban which makes them unavailable for adoption to the public. We are committed to stepping forward whenever we can and wherever there is the greatest need.


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