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KABVI strives to increase the independence, opportunity, and quality of life for all blind and visually impaired Kansans, and to assist them in taking their rightful place as equals among their sighted peers.

How Your Donation Helps

K.A.B.V.I. is a nonprofit, state wide organization founded in 1920. The organization advocates for persons who are blind and visually impaired, provides a quarterly newsletter, information and referral services, a toll free phone number in Kansas, and limited rehabilitation teaching services. Its work is done primarily by blind and visually impaired individuals. K.A.B.V.I. receives no government funding – is funded entirely by memberships, grants, fundraising, and donations. Each vehicle donated helps them carry out their mission to assist blind and visually impaired Kansans of all ages to achieve their goals.


712 S Kansas Avenue, Suite 410
Topeka KS 66603
You may think your car isn’t worth much but, to K.A.B.V.I., it can mean an order of needed office supplies, a month’s office rent, or gas to get to someone who needs help. Every little bit helps K.A.B.V.I. help someone somewhere in Kansas.

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