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To serve veterans and their families with honor, dignity, and respect by advocating for and providing immediate assistance to them during times of crisis.

How Your Donation Helps

We are HONORBOUND to do everything in our power to help restore every veteran’s dignity and self-respect earned in service to our country.

At HonorBound, we spend every day providing assistance to veterans and their families on a case-by-case basis. Every situation is unique, and some can be difficult to handle. But whenever a veteran is in need, we do our best to help. These are our country’s warriors and heroes, they have served bravely and faithfully, they have answered the call to service, and it is often difficult for them to ask for help from others. So when we help a veteran, we do so with respect, and uphold their dignity.


209 West Avenue, PO BOX 2465
Darien CT 06820
"We work with veterans who are isolated from traditional social services support and enable family members to work together to determine their own course of action to resolve their problems. Through our fund, we work to provide limited medical and financial assistance to all eligible veterans and their families. This includes limited emergency economic assistance and relief for families in crisis. Our various partnerships also make it possible for us to help secure many benefits, services, and equipment at reduced rates or at no cost for qualified families."

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