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The mission of the ALIE Foundation is to educate families concerning the dangers of child abduction and provide bloodhound dogs to Police K-9 Units to locate missing and abducted children.

How Your Donation Helps

The ALIE (Abducted Lost Innocent Enough) Foundation is dedicated to protecting children from abduction and assisting law enforcement agencies in locating missing or lost persons. Our mission is accomplished by educating parents and children about the dangers of abduction and the precautions that should be taken to lessen the dangers. In addition we provide bloodhound dogs to law enforcement agencies to aid in the searches for missing and lost persons, including children and senior citizens.ALIE Foundation Car Donation

Vehicle donation help the ALIE Foundation with the general operation of the Foundation.  Frequent donations cover the overhead cost an office, phone/internet, utilities,  automotive, travel, safety events, public speaking engagements, printing, safety information, canines for police work to search for missing/abducted.


5800 Tower Road # 104
Denver CO 80249
I hope this encourages you to know that in Alie's memory, other children's lives are being saved in advance. I think of her every time I drop my kids off at school now, knowing that she is the reason our school is now safe. I always whisper "it's because of you Alie."

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