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Car trouble: Non-profits fret over axed tax break

Nonprofits are worried that the federal tax bill approved by the U.S. Senate this week will put the brakes on car donation programs, which have grown into a major revenue source for Bay Area charities. Donors have been permitted to claim a deduction equal to the Kelley Blue Book value for the car, even though … read more

Q & A Hotline

From the Chronical of Philanthropy Q. A donor wants to donate a car to our foundation, and then have us conduct a raffle to give it away. Where can I find information about car donations, including the do’s and don’t about this type of gift? A. Car donations became more complicated this year, when changes … read more

Charities happy to see end of clunkers program

Cars that might have been donated for tax breaks instead turned in to dealerships Charities that depend on vehicle donations for fund-raising are suffering under the popular Cash for Clunkers program, which gave rebates of up to $4,500 to people who traded in old gas-guzzlers for new, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Rather than handing over running … read more

Businesses See Drop Off As Vehicles Get Junked

From the Lexigton Herald New car sales are up, gas guzzlers are being trashed and car manufacturers are busy again, all thanks to the federal Cash for Clunkers program. But some organizations dependent on the used-car business say they are being left behind. Several Kentucky used-car dealers report sales problems because of Cash for Clunkers, … read more