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It's free, easy and fast.
1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Cars to Charity Donation Programs – Why Be Involved in a Charity Car Donation Program?


Are you trying to find new ways to raise support for your nonprofit organization? Car and Vehicle donations can be an excellent way to raise money. Thousands of people donate cars, trucks, boats, RVs, airplanes and other aircraft every month. These donations are liquidated, and the proceeds go to help nonprofits nationwide. You have probably seen the “Donate Car to Charity” billboards or heard “Car to Charity” ads on the radio. Thousands of nonprofits find car and vehicle donations to be an important revenue stream and the Vehicle Donation Processing Center wants to help your organization make use of this important funding resource.

How to Get Involved in a Car to Charity Donation Program?


Starting a program where you can donate cars to charity, can be tricky. It isn’t as simple as just asking a donor to “donate a car to charity”, as you need to make money with the donation once you receive it. Towing, auction and advertising costs add up fast, making it easy to take a loss from accepting the wrong vehicle as a donation. The last thing your organization needs is to lose money from a donation. It takes time and knowledge of the used car market to know what cars to accept, how to transport and sell them in order to make the most of your donation program. In order to run a successful vehicle donation program, you need both knowledge and understanding of the cars to charity industry.

Why start a Car to Charity Donation Program with the Vehicle Donation Processing Center?


The Vehicle Donation Processing Center can make sure that your charity car donation program is successful from the get go. We make sure that the organizations we work with are never at risk of losing money from their cars to charity program. How do we do it? Through a wealth of knowledge and experience in the car and vehicle donation industry. Since 1996, the Vehicle Donation Processing Center has helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations receive millions of dollars from Donate Car to Charity programs. We know the right way to run a car donation program, including how to tow, where to sell and how to advertise to maximize the productivity of a vehicle donation program. Most importantly, we guarantee that any nonprofit we work with is protected from any risk from their car to charity program as a whole and from any individual car losing money. With the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, there is zero risk to your organization and getting started couldn’t be easier.

How to Get Started with Your Donate a Car to Charity Program?


Getting started with charity car donation program is very simple and only requires a minimal amount of paperwork. We can get a packet out to you immediately. Just call 800-269-6814 or email a car to charity program started.

Inform your potential donors that when they want to donate a car to charity, they should choose your organization. Don’t miss out on a growing and potentially vital funding source – a donate car to charity program. is powered by the IAA Donation Division, the largest vehicle donation processing company in North America. Providing the most comprehensive vehicle donation processing service to non profit and charitable organizations since 1994, we have provided millions in funding back to charities to further their missions.

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