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1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Vehicle Donation Information For Donors

Do you have a car you don’t or can’t use? Is that car in need of repairs, possibly not even running? Car donation can be a valuable service for you, and donating a car can help worthy causes. When you donate a car, you not only benefit by being rid of an unwanted vehicle, a charity of your choice benefits from the funds generated by their car donation program.

Selling a car is usually a huge hassle for a private individual. There is no question that putting ads in the paper, taking phone calls from would be buyers, and then showing the car all take time and money – not to mention the risks in this crazy world of getting into your car with strangers and letting them drive it. So why sell an old car when you can donate a car and avoid those hassles? Itemizing taxpayers can even deduct the vehicle donation from your income taxes! With car donations, your unwanted vehicle can be gone with an easy phone call or click of the mouse (see below for hours, 7 days a week, when live operators at the Vehicle Donation Center take your call).

Who is the Vehicle Donation Processing Center?

The Vehicle Donation Center is a nationwide processing agent for charities seeking car donations. By operating car donation programs we help our charity clients develop an important new source of funds for pursuing their important work in the community and across the nation. Just like selling a car is difficult for an individual, accepting car donations can be a costly proposition for many smaller, volunteer based, charities. Fixed costs involved with car donation programs add up quickly and make it difficult for a many charities to make money from an auto donation program – in fact, it is not that difficult to lose serious money in accepting the wrong vehicle donations, buying the wrong car donation advertising, liability issues, etc. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center takes away that risk entirely – we absolutely guarantee that a non-profit who engages the Vehicle Donation Center for their charity car donation will NOT lose money, period.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center is an industry leader in car donation with an expert staff trained to eliminate the guesswork and grunt work for both the charity and the car donor in a ‘donate the car’ program. In that the Vehicle Donation Center handles everything that touches the auto donation program, our charity clients can focus on what really matters to them and the community, the important work done by the non-profit. We manage the time consuming tasks involved with auto donation – taking calls and emails from donors, dealing with Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork, and arranging for cars to be picked up and sold at a charity car auction. Many of our clients rely on volunteer labor and/or a very small paid staff. Devoting staff hours to running a car donation program is impracticable for these charities and, if attempted, might well result in less than perfect service to the charity’s car donors. Because the Vehicle Donation Processing Center deals with multiple charities and thousands upon thousands of car donations, everyone benefits from these economies of scale and the expertly trained, full time staff at the Vehicle Donation Center, always at the ready to handle your car donation.

Our Service and the Benefits To You When You Donate a Car.

At the Vehicle Donation Processing Center we try to make the car donation process as easy as possible for you the car donor. When you donate a car the donation info about that car is quickly taken over the phone or through this auto donation website with our on-line Car Donation Pick Up Form. The Vehicle Donation Center provides interested auto donors with live operators every day of the week, from early morning into the evening hours, Mon-Fri, and during the day on weekends. Though a person seeking auto donation may occasionally get voice mail, it is a rarity. We endeavor to have the phone picked up, live, within a very few rings so that you may donate a car very quickly. After hours vehicle donors may also leave a voicemail concerning their auto donation and they will be contacted within 24 hours, generally much less. Our car donation intake operators are trained to be able to tell you whether we can accept your particular car donation right when you call – unlike many of our vehicle donation processing competitors. Car donors who choose to utilize our on-line Car Donation Application will be contacted with a confirmation within 24 hours regarding their car donation, again, generally even sooner.

Unfortunately we cannot accept all cars offered for vehicle donation because some vehicles simply cannot be presumed to sell at a charity car auction for a high enough figure to cover the fixed costs associated with processing that particular vehicle for donation. Many of our competitors in the auto donation field require prospective car donation applicants to twiddle their thumbs through several long minutes of voice mail only to discover that the operator they are finally speaking to can not even make a decision as to whether they will accept your vehicle donation. At the Vehicle Donation Center (assuming you have the basic info about your prospective car donation i.e. make, model year, general condition, etc.) you will generally be done with the car donation process, one way or another, in very short order – and in the great majority of cases your vehicle will be accepted for donation, even though it might not run. The fact is half the cars we accept as a car donation do not run.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center has a big, competent auto donor service staff to make sure that there are no glitches in paperwork once we have accepted your car donation. We would hate to cast aspersions but sometimes the Department of Motor Vehicles can make a mistake or lose some paperwork! Some of our car donation customers have had problems even though the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, and the vehicle donor did everything exactly right. That is what the Vehicle Donation Processing Center’s marvelous auto donation donor service staff is there for. They are on-line with the DMV and up to date with all the rules, regulations, and personnel to guarantee that every car donation customer is indemnified against any problem, ever. Once your car donation has been picked up by the vehicle donation transportation company we dispatch and you have signed off on the auto donation paperwork, vehicle title, etc., you can never have another problem with the car donation we processed for you and your selected auto donation charity.

It’s just as easy as that. Your unwanted car can become a car donation and be gone with a simple phone call or by clicking here to donate a car. is powered by the IAA Donation Division, the largest vehicle donation processing company in North America. Providing the most comprehensive vehicle donation processing service to non profit and charitable organizations since 1994, we have provided millions in funding back to charities to further their missions.

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