How it Works

It's free, easy and fast.
1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Making automobile donations is a great way for people to give back to charity in a unique, yet very helpful way. There are many people out there who do not have a vehicle to drive, and your donation could give them the automobile they need to get around and do the things they need to do. Donate Car USA will help you easily donate your automobile, but first, there are some things you should know.

Types of Automobile Donations Made to Charity

Various types of automobile donations can be made with the help of a donation center. Cars are not the only type of automobile that can be given, but trucks as well. Even things like boats, RVs and trailers, snowmobiles, and motorcycles can sometimes be donated. If you know that you have one of these things sitting in your garage unused, contact Donate Car USA and they will assist you in making a donation.

Past Automobile Donations

Automobile donations used to be done easily through a typical charity. The IRS changed the rules, however, back in 2004, making it difficult for charities to allow this sort of donating. That is when places like Donate Car USA sprang up, helping out these charities since they could no longer help themselves. Donated automobiles are now taken from a donation center and the proceeds from the sale of a donated vehicle goes to a charity. This allows them to still have the funding they need to help those people who are in need.

Popular Automobile Donations

Most people who donate their automobile will give up an old car or truck that is no longer of use to them. The proceeds from this donation will go to the charity of the donating person’s choice. Although there are many charities to choose from, there seem to be several popular ones that most people go for. These include the USO, the American Red Cross, the SPCA, the United Way, and Boy Scouts of America.

What Happens to Donations of Automobiles?

The car donation center you donate your automobile to, such as Donate Car USA, will have a tow-service come and pick up the vehicle. They will normally set it up for the next business day after you have discussed donating with them, unless you specify otherwise. There are three ways the donated automobile can help charity. First, the automobile can be given directly to a person who is in need of it. Second, the donation center will hold an auction where the highest bidder will purchase the automobile. Third, a damaged vehicle will be sold for parts. No matter which way it happens, all of the proceeds will be given to the charity of your choice, from the list the donation center provided.

What You Should Know About Automobile Donations

When you donate your automobile, be sure that you include the keys and the title with it. If you are giving the vehicle up, you will no longer be needing those things anyways, so there should be no objections to including these items. If you do not have these items, you can check with the donation center as to whether or not the automobile can be accepted without them. If the vehicle has damage and will be sold as parts, for example, then the keys and title will not really be necessary.

Automobile Donation Checklist

Once you are ready to donate your automobile, be sure to follow the necessary donation checklist steps.

  1. Research automobile donations. You want to make sure you have adequate information before making your donation. A donation center like Donate Car USA can provide all of the information you need.
  2. Fill out the online form, listing full details of the donation. This includes the make and model and whether or not the automobile had any damage to it on the inside or outside.
  3. If the donation is acceptable, choose the charity of your choice that you wish for the proceeds to go to. There is a large selection of charities to choose from.
  4. Make the arrangements with the donation center for them to have someone come and pick the automobile up from you.
  5. Wait for the vehicle to be sold so you can receive your receipt that can be used for tax purposes.

Once the steps have been completed, you will then have donated your automobile and helped out a charity of your choosing. For further information, you can contact Donate Car USA via online or telephone. We will be happy to assist you.