How it Works

It's free, easy and fast.
1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Your automobile donation benefits both you and a charity when you use Donate Car USA. Donate Car USA provides one of the best car donation systems in the country, with an improved tax deduction rate and a good-sized donation for your chosen nonprofit.

Tax Benefits of Donating Your Automobile

The size of your tax benefit is going to depend on how much your donated car sells for. This is why it’s always best to donate to an organization that can actually sell your vehicle for a good price. Most charities aren’t equipped to accept automobile donations, and they certainly aren’t able to spend the time fixing up the vehicle and marketing the sale. Most of the time, it’s sold for a meager amount because the nonprofit simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to try to sell it for more. This not only puts a bad light on vehicle donations in general, but it hurts the charity and the donor because neither is receiving the amount they need. Donate Car USA solves the problem by providing a viable solution for donors who want to get a good tax benefit, and allowing charities to have a large donation as well. The tax benefits of donating your automobile increase greatly when you use Donate Car USA.

Tax Deductions for Automobile Donations

After you donate your automobile to Donate Car USA, you’ll receive all the auto donation tax deduction paperwork that you need. Donate Car USA employs both online and live auctions to ensure your automobile sells for a reasonable price. Since tax deductions for automobile donations normally equal the amount that the charity automobile is sold for, you’re getting a better deal when you use Donate Car USA.

Tax Rebate on Old Automobiles

If you have an old automobile that no longer runs, or that is broken down in other ways, it may sell for less than $500. If this happens, then the IRS allows for an exception to their normal rule. You’ll receive a tax rebate equal to the lesser amount of either the fair market value of your old automobile at the time of the donation (this is why it’s important to get a quote before you donate) or $500. This allows you to receive a reasonable tax rebate on old automobiles, no matter their condition.

Select Your Charity to Benefit From Your Donation

Donate Car USA supports a wide range of charities, one of which will benefit from your donation. It’s up to you to decide which charity you’d like to support. Donate Car USA groups their charities based on what cause (or causes) they support, which state they’re located in, and by alphabetical order. Ask yourself questions about what kind of charity you’d be interested in supporting. Do you want the nonprofit to be located in your state? Is there any cause or problem that you feel passionate about? Is there any particular group of people that you feel should receive help? It’s up to you to decide which charity you’d like to receive your donation. Donate Car USA makes this process easy by providing a mission statement for each charity – simply click on the nonprofit’s name to find out more about it.

Donation Beneficiaries Supported

Along with well-known organizations such as United Way and the Boy Scouts of America, Donate Car USA also supports smaller charities like Tiger Touch (an organization that saves endangered species), the Cancer Coping Center (a group that helps cancer patients), and the Pesticide Action Network (a nonprofit that replaces harmful pesticides with more ecologically friendly alternatives). No matter what cause you care about, you’ll find a charity that feels the same way you do. Explore Donate Car USA’s list of four hundred plus charities and find the right fit for you.