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Unfortunately at some point in our life someone close to us will be diagnosed with cancer. Often times it will be a child, which is sad and heartbreaking. Finding ways to help support these children and their families during this difficult time can make a big difference. Here are some ways you can help support children with cancer:

1. Car Donation

Did you know vehicle donation is one of the best ways your can financial support those families whose children are undergoing cancer treatments? American Children’s Cancer Foundation uses the funds from car donations to help pay for cancer treatments, rent payments, gifts for children with cancer, along with promoting cancer education and awareness. Donating a car can help a child in need by funding research for a cure while you are able to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. Donating a car gives you a tax deduction and is very easy with free pick-up. You can donate your vehicle through while feeling good about helping those in need.

2. Bring in Meals

Get together with some friends and create a meal schedule. Families going through a difficult thing such as childhood cancer appreciate having others bring in food and meals because it helps with time, money, and stress. If a family can avoid going to the store to shop and preparing meals, while not having the expense of eating out, it can really reduce added stress. Scheduling meals to come in three times a week is a good start so that the family can utilize leftovers, also consider bringing in snacks along with fruits and vegetables that can be eaten on the go. Consider leaving food in a cooler on the front porch so that the family doesn’t need to be home when the meal is delivered. Make sure you are aware of any food allergies before the schedule is made and the menu is planned.

3. Help Siblings

It is very helpful if the other children in the family can carry on with their normal activities such as school, sports, and music. Organizing a carpool and activity schedule for the siblings can help relieve stress from mom and dad and keep things upbeat and as normal as possible. Parents need the time to take care of their sick child, and much of the day will be spent at appointments, the hospital, or home, leaving the other children in the family in need of outside support. Take the lead and create a master schedule and ask other friends and family for help.