Car Donation Program Testimonials

Donating a car can make a difference to so many people. Here are just a few of the hundreds of positive responses the Vehicle Donation Processing Center has received from our charity clients who do car donations. Generally it's just a few words that come up in our on-going conversations. However, in these examples immediately below, officers of these car donation charities have taken time to put something in writing. All of us at the Vehicle Donation Center are flattered to hear such praise and are proud to be able to donate a car for these wonderful organizations.

Cancer Fund of America's Car Donation Program Is "Spectacular"

One word: Spectacular!

That's what our car donations have been like with the Vehicle Donation Processing Center. Our car donation program has been incredibly productive, and totally hassle free. The Vehicle Donation Center does everything from advertising, picking up the donated car, to selling it at auction, and all the car donation accounting. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center knows so much about the auto donation industry they make sure we get the most out of our car donation program and every donated car. All we have to do is endorse the monthly checks we receive for our car donations and start shipping products to cancer patients across America!

Thanks for your help; we are truly indebted to your program of donate car. It has made a great difference in thousands of families’ lives.
Jim Reynolds
Cancer Fund of America

Car Donation Makes Wishes a Reality.

Our car donation program has let us fulfill thousands of wishes for terminally ill children and we couldn't do it without the Vehicle Donation Processing Center. When one of our contributors suggested to us that we should start a vehicle donation program for our non-profit, we didn't know anything about the process or where to get started ourselves. We had considered car donation and but felt that selling the charity used cars ourselves would be difficult. Then we made some calls to other groups and heard about the Vehicle Donation Processing Center. They helped us get setup with an auto donation program in no time. Now our car donation contributors can take advantage of their great service and knowledgeable staff when they donate a car to us. We can't say enough about how wonderful the experience of working with the Vehicle Donation Center has been.

Children's Wish Foundation International,
President, Arthur Stein.

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