Tax Information on your Vehicle Donation:

When you donate a car, truck, boat, or any type of vehicle, lot or piece of real estate, it is fully tax deductible for all itemizing tax payers. When you itemize tax deductions on your IRS 1099 form you may deduct the market value up to $500 without any further documentation. If you donate a car of a higher value, you may deduct the price for which your charity sells that car and the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. will provide you with that info directly after the sale (generally not more than a very few weeks after we pick up your car donation). In every way The Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. makes it fast and easy to donate a car, truck, RV, mobile home, plane, boat, and even lots and real estate and receive the maximum lawful tax deduction for 2005 and beyond.

Seven days a week, when you call, 800-269-6814 one of our live operators will generally pick up the line, within a very few rings and she or he would be happy to outline the tax deduction situation for you. (Of course, your own tax professional is always your best source for your personal tax information. You may also email to have your vehicle donation questions answered.)

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