West Virginia Car Donations

We can accept your vehicle donation anywhere in the state of West Virginia. The Charities listed immediately below are domiciled in West Virginia.

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View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use the proceeds to further their charitable work.

Donate your unwanted vehicle in West Virginia, and contribute to a worthy non-profit organization at the same time. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will help you dispose of your car or truck, and you can choose from hundreds of nationwide charities to accept the proceeds from the sale.

From the blended urban and rural environs of the Metro Region to the Eastern Region, steeped in Colonial and Civil War history, residents of West Virginia can call the Vehicle Donation Processing Center to arrange for free pick up of their unwanted vehicle.

The VDPC handles all of the paperwork and the donor gets a tax deduction. Vehicle donation in West Virginia is fast and easy and a great way to make a difference.

Call the toll-free number to speak to an operator, or fill out the online donation form for the non-profit of your choice, and the VDPC will take care of the rest. Call or click now to start the process!

Help spread awareness of how to help a worthy cause.

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