Tennessee Car Donations

We can accept your vehicle donation anywhere in the state of Tennessee. The Charities listed immediately below are domiciled in Tennessee.

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View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use the proceeds to further their charitable work.

Donate your car in Tennessee

Donate your unwanted car or truck in Tennessee to benefit a non-profit of your choice. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will take the vehicle off your hands and donate the proceeds to the worthy cause you choose from among scores of national non-profit agencies. We will handle the paperwork for your donation and your tax deduction.

Tennessee residents can donate a vehicle through the VDPC. Just call the toll-free number below, or fill out the online donation form for the worthy cause of your choice. Arrangements will be made to pick up your car donation or other vehicle donation at no cost to you.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center gives vehicle donors in Tennessee the opportunity to contribute to a good cause and get a tax deduction on top. Contact us today to get started!

Cities in Tennessee

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Help spread awareness of how to help a worthy cause.

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