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Do you own a car in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania that you no longer want? Skip the hassle of trying to sell it by donating it to benefit a non-profit in your area. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will help you dispose of your car or other vehicle and donate the proceeds to a charitable cause of your choice. Act locally to make a difference in your community!

We can accept your car donation anywhere in the state, from the classic Americana region of Central Pennsylvania to the Dutch Country Roads region, home of Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, and Hershey, the chocolate capital of the world, as well as the simple beauty of Amish Country.

Simply call the toll-free number to speak to an operator, or fill out the online donation form, and the VDPC will take care of the rest. We provide free pick-up, handle the paperwork, and you get a tax deduction for your vehicle donation. Give us a call or get online now!

Butler County Humane Society

The Butler County Humane Society, a non-profit organization, in association with the Helen Spade Albig Adoption Center, provides a temporary, safe, no-kill shelter for homeless, adoptable dogs and cats ultimately placing them in loving homes or with caring rescues while increasing community awareness of the humane treatment of animals through education, spay-neuter programs, rabies clinics, and the respect for life.

Cancer Recovery Foundation of America

The mission of Cancer Recovery Foundation of America(CRFA) is to advance least-toxic, minimally-invasive cancer prevention and survival practices that will eliminate cancer as a life-threatening condition.

Delaware County Community Foundation

The mission of The Delaware County Community Foundation is to support individuals, families, organizations and businesses who want to strengthen Delaware County through charitable activities. They believe that a vibrant philanthropic spirit enhances the quality of life for everyone in Delaware County.

Delaware County SPCA

The Delco SPCA is a lifesaving animal rescue organization dedicated to adoption, intervention and prevention programs that protect and improve the health and welfare of companion animals and support the people who care for them. They strive to save as many lives as possible by devoting their resources to adoption, prevention, education and outreach programs that:

  • Prevent animal cruelty and overpopulation
  • Place animals in caring homes
  • Promote responsible pet ownership through education and low-cost vet care services and community partnership


Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

In response to God’s love in Jesus Christ, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries will demonstrate God’s command to love the neighbor through acts of service.


Fayette County Association of the Blind


The focus of the Fayette County Association of the Blind is to assist in the prevention of blindness and to provide aid to those who are visually impaired through various services and programs.

Foreign Mission Board National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.

The mission of the Foreign Mission Board National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. is the training of clergy, support of churches and church planting, health care services through our hospitals and clinics, primary and secondary schools for children and economic development.


Fresh Start Foundation

The mission of Fresh Start is to assist chemically dependent, mentally ill, and/ or homeless individuals in gaining the treatment and supports necessary to lead a healthy and productive life. Fresh Start will offer supportive housing and case management which will link our clients to the services and opportunities that lead to a return to individual dignity, self-sufficiency and self-worth.

Homers for Hope

Homers for Hope helps to provide a monthly income to families who have suffered a tragedy or severe hardship. The organization’s goal is to provide financial assistance while the families cope with a traumatic life event.

Humane League

Since its founding in 2005, the mission of the Humane League has been to save the lives of as many animals as possible and to reduce as much animal cruelty as it can. The Humane League wants a world where people, companies and legislators are making choices that help and not hurt animals, a world in which all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion that we show to our beloved family dog or cat. The Humane League invests its time, money and energy where they will do the most good for the greatest number of animals. As a result, its primary focus is on farmed animal issues. Farmed animals represent over 98% of the animals used and killed in the United States, and because they are excluded from state anti-cruelty laws they suffer intensely on today’s “factory farms.”

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Children, Human Services

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