Donate your car in Akron Ohio

Shaped by the history of the famous Ohio and Erie Canal and known as the Rubber Capitol of the World, Akron is a great place to live in the heart of the Midwest.

Akron residents can donate their unwanted vehicles to benefit a worthy charitable organization. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will take care of selling your vehicle in Akron, and direct the funds from the sale to the nonprofit you choose. With the Vehicle Donation Processing Center’s help, you get rid of unwanted property and help others at the same time.

Akron has many notable neighborhoods. Highland Square, anchored by the historic Highland Theatre, is a well-known entertainment district. Other unique and historically significant Akron neighborhoods include Goodyear Heights and Firestone Park, originally developed and designed for employees of the large Akron rubber companies. Northwest Akron is home to large mansions, many of which were built early in the 20th century for the upper management of these companies, as well as the city's many other industries.

Wherever you live in Akron, we will arrange free pick up of your vehicle. All you need to do is call our toll-free number or fill out the online donation form for the non-profit of your choice. We make it easy, and you get a nice tax deduction as well.

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View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use proceeds to further their charitable work.

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