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1 You choose a charity. Fill out an online form or call to donate.
2 We pick up your vehicle for free the next day.
3 We help the charity sell the vehicle. You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Charitable Regions

Donate your car in New Mexico

Donate your unwanted car or truck in New Mexico to benefit a local non-profit of your choice. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center can help you dispose of your old vehicle and contribute to a worthy cause at the same time. We work with two New Mexico non-profits that benefit from vehicle donations: the American Council of the Blind in New Mexico and the Special Olympics New Mexico. Act locally to make a difference in your community, or choose a national non-profit to receive your donation!

From the New Mexico state capital of Santa Fe to the famous-for-UFOs town of Roswell, the VDPC can accept your vehicle donation. Just call the toll-free number below, or fill out the online donation form for one of the non-profits that serve New Mexico. Let us take the vehicle off your hands, do the paperwork, and donate the proceeds to the non-profit of your choice.

Donating your car in New Mexico lets you contribute to a good cause and get a tax deduction on top. Contact us today to get started!

American Council of the Blind of New Mexico

The American Council of the Blind of New Mexico strives to improve the well-being of blind and visually impaired persons in New Mexico by: serving as an affiliate representative of a national organization of blind people; elevating the social, economic and cultural levels of blind people; improving educational and rehabilitation facilities and opportunities; cooperating with the public and private institutions and organizations concerned with blind services; encouraging and assisting blind persons in New Mexico to develop their abilities and conducting a public education program to promote greater understanding of blindness and the capabilities of blind people.

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