Donate your car in Lincoln Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska is one of the Midwest's most inviting cities. Residents and visitors enjoy fine culinary and artistic treasures; a budding live music scene; breathtaking parks, golf courses and trails; and a friendly Midwestern attitude.
Lincoln residents can donate unwanted vehicles to benefit any national charitable organization they choose. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center handles the paperwork and arranges for free pick up of your donated vehicle. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center helps you clear out your driveway and make a charitable contribution at the same time!

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will pick up your vehicle for you anywhere in Lincoln, from one of Lincoln's oldest neighborhoods, the historic warehouse and industrial district of Haymarket, to Near South, known for grand historic homes and the beautiful Sunken Gardens . Call our toll-free number for live operator assistance, or fill out the online donation form for the nonprofit of your choice.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center makes charitable contributions via vehicle donations easy, and you get a tax deduction as well. Call or go online now to begin the process.

View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use proceeds to further their charitable work.

Help spread awareness of how to help a worthy cause.

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