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Located in Central Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the "Heart of the Commonwealth." Known for innovation in commerce, industry, education, and social thought, Worcester and the nearby Blackstone Valley claim their historic role as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Worcester was also recently named the 9th Most Livable City in America according to

Residents of Worcester can donate their unwanted vehicles to benefit a non-profit of their choice. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center handles the business of donating unwanted vehicles in Worcester, and directs the proceeds to help those in need. Take advantage of the Vehicle Donation Processing Center’s services to clear out your driveway and make a charitable contribution at the same time!

Worcester’s East Side is the heart and soul of its cultural diversity. Long the home of the hard-working men and women who operated Worcester’s mills and factories, today the East Side boasts great restaurants, unique festivals, and a true spirit of community.

North Worcester is home to one of the city’s most powerful vistas – the smokestacks and warehouses of the Saint-Gobain plant, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers. Gold Star Boulevard, a commercial tour-de-force winding its way through the city’s northern reaches, offers something for everyone, including a day at the beach at beautiful Indian Lake or a night on the town with billiards at Jillian’s.

Wherever you live in Worcester, the Vehicle Donation Processing Center will pick up your vehicle at no charge to you -- just call our toll-free number for live operator assistance or fill out the online donation form for the non-profit of your choice.

Car donation is a quick and easy way to be rid of unwanted property, help a good cause, and get a nice tax deduction. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will take care of all the details. Pick up your phone or mouse now to get started!

Massachusetts: Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield, Worcester

View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use proceeds to further their charitable work.

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