Florida Car Donations

We can accept your vehicle donation anywhere in the state of Florida. The Charities listed immediately below are domiciled in Florida.

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View the list of charities accepting car donations who will pick-up your vehicle donation and use the proceeds to further their charitable work.

Donate your unwanted car or truck in Florida to benefit a non-profit of your choice. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center can help you find a non-profit in your area to accept your vehicle donation. Act to make a difference in your community!

We can accept your vehicle donation anywhere in Florida, from the bustling big city of Fort Lauderdale to the theme park paradise of Orlando. Just call the toll-free number below, or fill out the online donation form for one of the non-profits that serve Florida.

Whatever kind of old vehicle you have, we'll take it off your hands, do the paperwork, process your tax deduction, and donate the proceeds to the non-profit of your choice. Then you'll have extra time to enjoy the beaches and nightlife of Florida, the Sunshine State! Contact us today to get started!

Cities in Florida

Cape Coral Clearwater Coral Springs
Fort Lauderdale Gainesville Hialeah
Hollywood Jacksonville Miami
Miramar Orlando Pembroke Pines
Pompano Beach St. Petersburg Tallahassee

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