Car Donation Information

Car Donation Home
Information on car donations and the advantages of donating your used car to charity.

How to Donate a Car
A step-by-step guide to the car donation process.

Car Donation Pick Up Form
Fill out this form to donate your vehicle to charity.

Car Donation Charities

Alphabetical List of Car Donation Charities
The complete list of our charity car donation program participants.

Car Donation Charities listed by State
A list of charities organized by state.

Car Donation Charities listed by Category
A list of charities organized by category of service.

About Donating a Car to Charity

Vehicle Donation Information
Explains how the vehicle donation works and how you can you can donate a used car.

The Advantages of Car Donation
Explains why donating your used car, truck, boat, or other vehicle through are vehicle donation program is easy for you and helpful to the charities we serve.

Basic Vehicle Donation Information
General information for donors, information on the vehicle donation processing center and our donation services

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQ answers commons questions like "How Long Does the Car Donation Process Take?" and "Can I Get More Information About The Charity I Choose Before I Donate a car?".

About Our Car Donation Program

About the Car Donation Center
Provides a brief description of the Vehicle Donation Processing Center.

Car Donation Center's Services to Charities
Explains how we process your car donation to benefit the charity of your choice.

Media coverage on our company/officers & car donation
Summaries of print and television coverage of the car donation industry.

Car Donation Program Testimonials
Charities discuss how our vehicle donation program has helped them serve the community.

Vehicle Donation Partners with NADA Guides
Our relationship with NADA guides and how to determine the value of your vehicle

Tax and Title Information for Charity Car Donations

Car Donation Tax Write-Off Details
Information on the IRS guidelines on writing off a vehicle donation for a tax deduction.

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