Vehicle Donation Partners with NADA Guides & the National Auto Dealers Association

Here's a press release N.A.D.A. Guides did on the subject, when this program was inaugurated in November 2003:


November 7, 2003 --, the nation's leading vehicle-information resource on the Internet, announced it has launched an on-line vehicle-donation center at the company's Web site, . The program, created through a partnership with the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, one of the nation's most comprehensive car-donation service providers, is designed to simplify the vehicle-contribution process. "Donating a vehicle to charity is one of the most rewarding and personally satisfying things a consumer can do to assist his or her favorite non-profit organization," said Mark Perleberg, lead automotive expert at "However, until now, many people found the process difficult. We formed this service to provide consumers with the information and the convenience they need to make donating a vehicle to charity a simple and enjoyable process." Consumers visiting the vehicle donation center at the Web site simply complete an on-line application, answering basic questions about the vehicle they wish to donate. Then, they choose a charity to support. Donations of cars, trucks, vans, RVs and boats are accepted and the donor can choose from a list of more than 300 dedicated charities. Once the vehicle donation application is submitted, trained specialists contact the donor within 72 hours to assist with the completion of all remaining paperwork and the vehicle is picked up right at the donor's home or office. (

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