Last Call - with a bullet – For 2009 Clunker Tax Write-Off Says Vehicle Donation Processing Center

Scrub out the old -- that old clunker in the driveway for example -- and ring in the new, says the Vehicle Donation Center's cofounder/vice president, Harvard E. “Pete” Palmer, Jr., while you can still pocket this year's tax write off. As long as you click send on our e-mail car donation free pick up form or call our live operators by midnight December 31, you itemizing taxpayers will qualify for the 2009 tax write off for car donations. And that's not all we will do for anyone who will donate a car by year-end – we’ll hook you up for a deluxe Vegas hotel (or 37 other swell spots). Clean up financially, clean up the leaking mess in your driveway, help your charity -- then party down on us!

Hopefull_clunker Yes, think “donate car” right now and when April 15th rolls around you will thank yourself for acting before year's end.  “Pete Palmer, you old bum, why with so many different options should I call your company“ you ask?  We are so glad you asked! Though the Vehicle Donation Processing Center handles nice cars from time to time, most car donations are crummy, non-runners (60%). Many in the car donation industry insist that auto donors provide them with a vehicle that is running and moderately valuable. There are even some who require you to mail in the signed off ownership title before they send out the tow truck and accept your car for charity. We believe such requirements really favor the for profit vehicle donation company; at the expense of both the charity they represent and the generous donor who wants to help their favorite charitable cause.

Our own courteous, specially trained, car donation telephone operators will tell you some horror stories about nice folks who perhaps heard a radio jingle or called an online advertisement, and waited through an endless phone tree, only to be told, “Oh, your car does not run? Sorry, we cannot help you”. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center operator can help right a way! Our company sends out a transportation company, generally the same or next day -- so that a kind soul is able to donate a car, just like she or he wanted, without further delay. Car donation hassle stories can get even worse than that. How about the many, many cases where a charitably oriented person called one of the “donate car“ companies that require the ownership title be mailed in to the vehicle donation company, before they even start processing the car donation? These nice people want to donate a car and help their charity so that's what they did but then two weeks goes by and they have still heard nothing at all so they call again, wait in the phone tree, then wait for someone who can actually talk to them (very likely 15 minutes or more) and then all too many times they are told that the company has no record of receiving the title in the mail.

Next step, this already put upon citizen must call the state of California (for example) and get a duplicate title issued. By the time people in this situation finally call the Vehicle Donation Processing Center they are three months into a hassle filled project that we were able to then complete for them in two additional days. In some states we can even process your auto donation without you having to go to the trouble of replacing a lost title -- or of course, just call us in the first place to get your car donation completed quickly -- like over 800,000 happy car donors have done since we started the Vehicle Donation Processing Center in 1996.

When a company makes claims about being able to do things for its customers that its competitors will not do (as we are certainly doing here) one has a right to be skeptical -- perhaps even an obligation to be questioning -- especially when benefits to a charity are involved. Fair enough. So how can our company accept virtually* all vehicles, running or not, as a vehicle donation to one of over 400 charities, while many, if not most of our car donation competitors turn down so many of the cars that are offered to them and put these other obstacles in the path of prospective car donors?  Not really a surprise, in our view -- it comes down to money and hard work.... The Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. has been helping donors and charities for over 13 years now. We have dedicated ourselves to making it easy for anyone who wants to donate a car and, equally important, getting the most money possible back to the charity.

We do that in part by guaranteeing to the charity that they cannot lose a dime either in the aggregate or on any individual car -- even if there is paid advertising that does not work out, our company pays the bill and eats the loss.

The really important thing, again, act now: help charity, clean up your driveway, get your 2009 tax deduction, get your free hotel  -- by calling 800 553 3018 or e-mailing prior to “donate car” prior to midnight, December 31st.

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