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Thank you for your interest in donating a vehicle to the Veterans Outreach Center - Metro West. Your donation will go to support the Veterans Outreach Center - Metro West and help them continue their important work.

Mission of the Veterans Outreach Center - Metro West

We serve veterans of all conflicts (and in-between), although Vietnam veterans represent the largest population of veterans served by our program. We have also begun to see increasing numbers of Gulf War veterans needing assistance. The Center provides services through three primary programs: psychological counseling/therapy; benefits counseling/advocacy; employment assistance. Supplementing these programs are support services including transportation, referrals, and emergency needs assistance (food pantry, clothing, etc.). Over the course of a year we will serve over 150 veterans in our primary programs and over 300 more in our supplemental support programs. During 2000 we provided over $58,000 in mental health therapy, counseling, and evaluation/assessment services. We secured nearly $2 million in VA & SSA disability payments for our clients. We distributed nearly three tons of food through our food pantry. We provide our services at no charge to those who need them. It is our commitment to continue providing services to our veterans and their families for as long as there are distressed, despondent, dysfunctional, disabled, helpless, hopeless, or homeless veterans in this country. We invite you to join us in this commitment by investing in a better future for these patriotic men and women. Your tax-deductible contribution is just that - an investment in the men and women who have already given so much to our communities and our nation, and who will be able to give so much more with just a little help from you.

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