Donate a Car to Aleph Bet Jewish Day School
Aleph Bet Jewish Day School

Donate a Car to the Aleph Bet Jewish Day School

Thank you for your interest in donating a vehicle to the Aleph Bet Jewish Day School. Your donation will go to support the Aleph Bet Jewish Day School and help them continue their important work.

Mission of the Aleph Bet Jewish Day School

The Aleph Bet Jewish Day School's mission is to provide an excellent, balanced elementary school program of general and Judaic studies in an intimate, caring, atmosphere. Teachers implement a challenging curriculum that promotes understanding and develops essential skills in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The basic curriculum is enhanced and extended through experiences in art, music, physical education, and drama. Students are exposed to the richness and variety of Jewish tradition and philosophy. They are guided in developing personal values, including respect for learning, love of one's fellow people, pride in being Jewish, and identification with the land and the people of Israel.

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