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Shepherds of Youth provides assistance to St. Michael School in Newark, NJ and the Vacationist Fathers and Sisters. SOY helps these organizations by offering financial assistance to the students of St. Michael School, and by assisting the Fathers and Sisters in their work to help those in need. SOY also provides financial assistance for students pursing education as future nuns and priests. SOY strives to better the community by helping all people-young and old-reach their potential, regardless of personal financial means. SOY also encourages the pursuit of excellence in all things, for themselves and for their community.

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The Shepherds of Youth was organized to foster the activities of the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters. Essential to their efforts to provide a quality education to the children of the poor is their work in Newark at St. Michael’s School, K – 8th grade, and the Perpetual Help Day Nursery as well as the Magic Kingdom Nursery in Florham Park. Although St. Michael’s School and Perpetual Help Nursery are located in one of Newark’s poorest areas, these schools are shining examples of how opportunity for a better life can be provided to children in underprivileged areas. Many of these students obtain full or partial scholarships to St. Michael’s through the Shepherd’s efforts. Children are helped regardless of race, creed or religion. In fact, about 50% of St. Michael’s students are non-Catholic. Your participation in this event substantially helps achieve our goals. Together we can make their dreams a reality!


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