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Donate a Vehicle to Mercy For Animals

Donate a car fast and easy to benefit Mercy For Animals with Your car, truck, boat, or other vehicle provides the crucial support Mercy For Animals needs to continue their mission in your community.

When you donate get all the following:

  • Free Pick-Up from your home or office running or not.
  • A Great Tax Deduction for the value of your vehicle.
  • Fast and Easy – no paperwork hassle.
  • No paperwork, registration, or smog test hassles. We do it all, just call.

Call 888-205-3420 or use the easy 1-step form and your car will be picked up by a professional towing company at your convenience.

Don’t wait, help Mercy For Animals when you donate a car.

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Learn more about Car Donation.

Q. When I Donate a car What Does The Vehicle Donation Processing Center Do?

A. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center acts as an agent on behalf of various non-profit organizations in the operation of their car donation programs. When you donate car we process the physical vehicle itself, handle all the car donation paperwork with the DMV, state, etc., and arrange for the sale of the donated car at auction. The Vehicle Donation Center can only accept car donations on behalf of a vetted charity that has signed an authorization for us to act as their agent for vehicle donation, boat donation, and donation of other appropriate chattel items.

Q: How Long Does the Car Donation Process Take?

A: The same day you donate (except Sat and Sun) a Pickup Request is faxed to a local transport company. They will contact you within 24 hours. If you provide us with your email address within 24 hours we will send you the phone number to the transport company and you can call them directly to expedite the arrangements for pickup.

Q: Can Car Donation Paperwork Be Faxed To Speed Things Up?

A: Any paperwork that will be needed to transfer ownership of your donated vehicle or vessel will be delivered by the transport company. They will also provide you with a receipt. If you would like to receive a temporary receipt before your donation is picked up just provide us with your email address.

Q: Will You Take Care of the Registration Fees For My Car Donation?

A: If the Registration has already expired, or if it will expire before the vehicle donation is picked up, you will be responsible. If the Registration expires after we pick up your car donation then it is our responsibility.

Q: How Do I Know I Will Not Be Responsible For My Car Donation Or Get Tickets On the Donated Vehicle After I Donate My Car and It Is Picked Up?

A: Some States have a Release of Liability or Release of Interest form that you use whether you sell the car in the standard fashion, or you do an auto donation. In all states the vehicle registration department is notified of the new owner when your car donation is sold at auction. If you are not sure about how this is done in your state you can ask the transportation company that picks up your car donation if you need to do anything special. The donor service department at the Vehicle Donation Processing Center is also available at 877-660-6689 to assist with all car donations oriented questions.

Q: Can I Get More Information About The Charity I Choose Before I Donate a car?

A: At any time before, during, or after the vehicle donation process you can contact the donor service department at the Vehicle Donation Processing Center at 877-660-6689 to get more information on all our charities' mission statements and many of our charity clients have a Web Page listed on our List of Charities. If a link to their Web Page does not appear then call the Vehicle Donation Processing Center or email to with the name of the charity and we will have them contact you directly.

Q: Can I Donate a car To Another Non-profit Group?

We can only accept car donations on behalf of groups that have authorized the Vehicle Donation Processing Center to act as their agent for car donations. If you would like to donate a car to a group not on this list please have them contact us for information on how to sign up as a client.

Q: Do You Pick Up My Car Donation From Any Location?

A: We pick up vehicle donations nationwide; however we are not able to service all areas. If for some reason we are unable to service your area we can generally tell you that in your first call to the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, and in any case, we will let you know within 24 hours if we will be able to pick up your car donation in a timely manner.

Q: What Percentage Of The Proceeds From My Car Donation Will Go To the Charity?

A: The percentage of proceeds that goes to the charity varies based on the costs associated with processing your donation, such as towing, auction and advertising fees and expense. Generally nonprofits receive %50 percent of the net proceeds or more.