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D. James Kennedy Ministries

To proclaim the good news of the Gospel throughout the Earth, introducing people to the Person and the redeeming work of Jesus Christ;

To teach and nurture His followers, helping them to grow in grace and in service to Christ and His church;

To equip and encourage believers to live out their faith, making a difference in the world around them;

To defend religious liberty, by helping believers understand America’s Christian heritage and by motivating them to lovingly engage the culture with the heart and mind of Christ.

Yavneh Day School

Yavneh Day School is committed to academic excellence in General and Jewish studies within a strong, vibrant community where each child is celebrated and challenged. A Yavneh education is about discovering how a child learns in order to maximize each student’s potential while fostering curiosity, encouraging risk taking, and ingraining a love of learning.

Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver

Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver are dedicated to the service of the missionary Church.

Community Coalition for Haiti

Transforming Lives, One by One, through long-term, community driven solutions in healthcare, education, and community development. The mission of Community Coalition for Haiti, from start to finish, is to create a foundation for sustainable initiatives that are maintained by Haitians themselves. That is their greatest impact!


In response to the biblical call to care for orphans and widows in their distress, the mission of Agathos is to foster economic life in impoverished communities.

Montrose United Methodist Church

Mission of Montrose United Methodist Church: Joyfully, to Love All, Serve All, and Share Jesus Christ With the World

Foundation of Knights of Carmel Mission

The Foundation of Knights of Carmel Mission, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California. The Foundation of Knights was formed to allow brother knights, parishioners and friends the opportunity to donate and support the projects endorsed by the Knights of Columbus of Carmel Mission and receive the permitted tax benefit.

Creation Summit

The purpose and mission of Creation Summit is to reinforce the faith of Christian students and persuade the unbeliever by sharing the creation evidence and, thereby, showing the Bible to be a reliable document.  Not only does this assure students of their origin, but paves the way for evangelism.  Once students realize they’re created beings (and not the product of natural selection), they’re much more open to the Gospel.

Stone Creek Zen Center

Stone Creek Zen Center is a Buddhist practice center in the Soto tradition, dedicated to the dharma teachings of awakening to reality and living compassionately in this impermanent, interdependent world. The core activity at the center is zazen, or wholehearted sitting here and now. Members of this sangha aim to extend their practice throughout each day, living consciously as part of the interconnected web of beings supporting one another’s lives.

Home of Christ in Cupertino

Home of Christ in Cupertino is called to magnify God and glorify Him, to lead people to Jesus and membership in his family, to play a role in nurturing them to Christ like maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and mission in the world.

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