The Eye Defects Research Foundation Accepts Car Donations

The Eye Defects Research Foundation is a not for profit organization, which started in 1994, mainly to conduct research as well as provide financial support for children suffering from rare eye defects that often lead to pediatric blindness. They stimulate research and support conferences on genetic diseases involving the eye, therefore raising awareness and interest among physicians to find the best treatment for these rare disorders. Over the course of their existence, the foundation has already helped more than 100 children from over 10 different countries with their corneal transplants. In addition to the treatment, they also offer financial support to fund anti-rejection medication for children who have undergone operation. If you want to support Eye Defects Research Foundation in their cause to help children with rare eye defects and diseases, you can make a car donation and add them as a beneficiary.

The foundation is also actively involved in uncovering molecular eye defects through molecular genetic research. This aims to perfect gene therapy to treat corneal diseases. They are also big supporters of stem cell therapy, finding ways to more effectively use the treatment to treat pediatric blinding eye diseases, macular degeneration, and other causes of blindness in children, as well as in adults. In addition to the foundation’s main aim to fund medical research, surgical treatment, and post surgical treatment for patients that have blinding eye diseases, they also work to develop innovative treatments and methods for prevention of blindness, as well as to educate the people and promote awareness of such cutting edge research, while establishing research partnerships and alliances in a global scale. This way, they gain collaborative knowledge in combating blinding diseases. Your car donation will go a long way in helping the Eye Defects Research Foundation achieve these goals.