Increase Marine Science Awareness with Car Donations

The Long Beach Marine Institute’s mission is to educate and raise public awareness about local habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife. They acquaint local residents of the Southern California Coast with the valuable resources found within the region and seek to spark interest in the study and exploration of the marine and ocean realm by helping them understand the beauty as well as the processes of marine science. They do this by offering marine science field trips, boat excursions, summer day camps, and day trips to various educational and community groups throughout the region. If you want to contribute in upholding awareness about marine science, while maintaining the natural resources in the Southern California Coast, make a car donation in the name of Long Beach Marine Institute.

The organization works with a long list of colleges, schools, community institutions, and other local groups, providing them with unique activities that are both enjoyable and educational. Some of their group programs include shipboard excursions, aquarium tours, kayak tours, tide pool tours, marine expedition camps and multi-day camps, and many other fun-filled activities. The Long Beach Marine Institute also runs a newsletter, which contains great information about marine life and the environment. Their adventure camps not only offer hands-on approach to marine science, but also offer creative ways to spark the youth’s interest in the study, protection, and conservation of these natural resources. They offer aquatic trips, kayaking, expeditions, projects, and crafts, all of which are great ways to teach children about marine science. Other educational programs offered by the institute include floating labs, tours around Catalina Island, beach and coastal cleanup, and many more. If you want to help raise awareness about marine science and its conservation, make a contribution through car donation to the Long Beach Marine Institute.