Donate Your Used Car to Help Tree Planting Efforts in the City

Cities nowadays are mostly steel and concrete, leaving no room for trees that provide cleaner air to thrive and flourish. Friends of the Urban Forest is a not for profit organization that seeks to improve cities’ tree-less condition. Their main mission is to promote larger and healthier urban forests through tree care, education, advocacy, and community planting. Their operations are based in the large part of San Francisco, planting and caring for trees in various communities, while educating the public about the importance of urban forests. They have countless volunteers that help them achieve their goals of a greener community and you too, can help by supporting the cause through car donation. Donate your used car and choose Friends of the Urban Forest as your beneficiary if you want to see greener communities in the San Francisco Area.

The organization has numerous programs to promote their advocacy. One is the annual Tree Planting, where in Friends of the Urban Forest assists different communities in planting almost 1,000 trees. Friends of the Urban Forest makes arrangements to remove sidewalk concretes and with the help of the entire neighborhood, replaces them with the ‘greener alternative’. They also have a Tree Care Program, which aims to improve the health of urban trees to increase their survival rates. Additionally, the organization encourages community involvement as well as youth education, making sure their legacy is passed on to the next generation. They work to increase public awareness about the importance of trees, especially in urban environments. They have periodic publications, including a newsletter which contain excellent readings about tree care and the environment. They also offer tree tours, leadership trainings, and pruning workshops, among many other programs that encourage more awareness in urban forestry. With your car donation, you can help plant more trees and improve the condition of urban forests in different communities.