Donate a Car to Rescue Pets

Southern Maryland Spay and Neuter, Inc or Spay Spot is a non-profit organization that works to end the practice of euthanasia by providing low cost spay and neuter services for pets. They offer pet owners as well as local humane organizations generous grants for low and eve no cost spay and neuter operations for companion animals. To help achieve this, the organization also operates what they call the Stop Pet Overpopulation Thrift shop, from which they get additional funds for their spay and neutering service. The shop sells donated items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, scarves, belts and ties, shoes, games, house wares, linens, books, videos, electronics, small appliances, computers, and even collectibles. You can also do your part in helping mitigate pet overpopulation and putting an end to the cruel reality of euthanasia by making a car donation to Spay Spot.

In addition to their subsidized, low and no cost spay and neuter services, the organization also aids in the adoption of cats and dogs, all of which have been spayed or neutered. Spay Spot advocates against cruel euthanasia of companion animals. They stand by the principle that unwanted animals are more expensive, considering the cost it would need for capture, impoundment and even the destruction of animals by private humane organizations. If funding was spent in a more long term solution for pet overpopulation, the community would be able to address the problem at its cause, rather than spending 90% of animal funding in capture, impoundment, and euthanasia. If you too, are against the killing of innocent animals because of overpopulation, you can make a car donation to the Southern Maryland Spay and Neuter, Inc. and help this organization promote a more humane solution to the growing problem.