Support the Cancer Fund of America by Donating Your Car

The Cancer Fund of America was established way back 1987 in Delaware. It is one of the oldest national cancer organizations with the principal mission of providing care products to cancer victims. This non-profit organization helps cancer patients directly and indirectly by sending out products free of charge to patients as well as non-profit healthcare providers that have a wider scope of reach when it comes to helping other cancer patients. CFA helps those who can’t afford to take hold of the essentials that patients need for a more comfortable recovery from the symptoms of the disease as well as from the side-effects of medications. They reach out to hospices, and other healthcare providers, care givers and other organizations, offering healthcare products to the ill and needy. You can help uphold this noble cause by making a car donation in support of the Cancer Fund of America.

The main aim of the CFA is to render assistance in kind, providing patients, hospices, and care providers with quality products to help care for patients. Whenever needed financial help is also offered. Some of the products included in their packages include personal hygiene products, paper products, vitamins, adhesive bandages, gloves, blankets, and many other simple yet very useful products greatly needed in taking care of cancer patients. Hospices, health care providers and individual patients are free to order these products through the organizations website, and delivery is never with charge, making it easier for patients to gain access to such help. If you want to provide more help and assistance to those suffering from the debilitating disease, you can make a car donation and address the proceeds to the Cancer Fund of America. Other support options for this organization include a memorial gift program, gifts in honor, as well as wills and bequests.