The National Lymphedema Network Accepts Car Donations

The National Lymphedema Network is a non-profit organization established in 1988 to offer education, guidance, and support for patients suffering from lymphedema as well as educate healthcare professionals and the general public about the risk and management of both primary and secondary lymphedema. The disease occurs in the interstitial tissue, where sufferers have an abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid, which then causes swelling in the arms or legs, and other parts of the body. The disease develops when lymphatic vessels are impaired, missing, or damaged, or when lymph nodes are removed. The NLN aims to provide greater awareness about the debilitating, often neglected condition while advocating the standardization of treatment for patients. Additionally, the organization supports research on the causes as well as the possible treatments or alternative treatments for the disease. If you want to take part in educating people about Lymphedema, you can make a car donation to the National Lymphedema Network.

The organization works to promote research as well as secure adequate insurance coverage for safe and effective treatment of Lymphedema. They also aim to increase the number as well as expand the geographical distribution of treatment facilities and therapists for lymphedema sufferers. Currently, the organization provides a toll-free information line for those who want to know more about the disease, along with referrals for patients that need connections to health care professionals, training programs, treatment centers, as well as support groups. They also operate a quarterly newsletter that features up to date articles and information on the different scientific and medical developments on the disease. Moreover, they produce educational materials to raise awareness of patients and health care professionals, while also conducting international conferences for healthcare providers twice a year. More programs can be made available for patients and health care providers if you show your support and make a car donation to the National Lymphedema Network.