Donate Your Car and Save Pet Animals

Calvert Animal Welfare League or CAWL is a volunteer animal welfare, rescue, and education organization based in Calvert County, Maryland. They run a modern pet adoption and education center, which essentially provides a caring and friendly environment to promote healthy development and facilitate adoption of homeless pets. The group has been serving since 1992, placing hundreds and even thousands of cats and dogs to caring homes. This community-supported adoption and education center is also a no-kill animal rescue organization that takes care of the rights of pet dogs and cats. In addition to housing homeless pets, the group also works hard to develop different kinds of resources which allow them to offer effective educational programs that help teach animal owners how to do responsible pet care and promote respect for animals. If you have a heart for animal rescue and care, you can make a car donation and choose Calvert Animal Welfare League as your beneficiary to help them create more programs for animal welfare.

The group also has a strong partnership with Kahuna’s K9s, which offer excellent dog training classes for those who want to socialize, house break, or teach dogs basic tricks and avoid aggression. The Calvert Animal Welfare League is also an authorized distributor of dog and cat licenses in Calvert County. The league also has an organized foster home system for highly adoptable dogs and cats. They also sponsor different events to foster community awareness and raise more funds to help them care for these homeless pets better. To make sure pets are placed in caring homes, counselors evaluate potential owners before handing over animals in their care. If you want to help in this noble cause of saving pet animals from homelessness and inhumane treatment, make a car donation to Calvert Animal Welfare League.