Donate a Car and Help Improve Lives of Children with Cancer

Jacob’s Heart is a children’s cancer support services foundation that aims to improve the quality of lives of children suffering from the life threatening disease. Their services extend to children under 18 who have been diagnosed with cancer, along with their families, providing emotional, as well as social and financial support to help them cope with the disease. They serve families within the counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz, South Santa Clara, and San Benito. The group offers a long list of programs that offer great help for families in times of financial and emotional distress because of the disease. A car donation to Jacob’s Heart will go a long way in helping children live a fuller and happier life while battling cancer.

Among the main programs of the organization are Case Management and Counseling, Family Social Support, Direct Financial Assistance, and Community Awareness and Education. In Case Management and Counseling, social workers provide a complete assessment of the needs of the affected family while offering assistance in finding the resources to meet those needs. Their counseling services include counseling for individual, family, support groups for children, teens, siblings, parents, and the grieving. Other counseling programs also include art therapy. Financial support comes in the form of direct financial assistance especially for those dealing with long-term hospital stays. Emergency financial assistance is also offered for families who need assistance in paying for their household bills, medical prescriptions, groceries, memorials, or funerals. Jacob’s Heart also plays a big part in raising awareness and educating communities about pediatric cancer through their educational materials, special events, and media relations. They are also partnered with different groups, organizations, and schools. Your car donation will be a great help in fulfilling their mission to provide better quality of life and bring hope to children with cancer.