The Benefits Of A Boat Donation!

It is truly an amazing feeling to spend time on a boat taking in every bit of the summer sun. But, as soon as the summer months end, the hassle of having to store your boat sneaks up. After the storage period the reality of tune-ups, hull repairs, engines, trailer bearings, summer dock fees and most importantly, the high gas prices knocks your pocket! Hence the well known acronym, BOAT – break out another thousand!

If you feel like this, then the reality of selling your boat might have sink in. Well, there is good news when you start considering this. You do not have to deal with the hassles of selling the boat yourself. You will not have to advertise the boat yourself, or hire a boat broker to do so. You will cut out the difficult part of potential buyers and in the end not receive the amount you were bargaining for. So, as for the good news – you can donate your boat to charity.

By donating your boat to charity you will not only support and help a benevolent cause, but you will also be able to get a great tax deduction for your charitable gift. Boat donations are a very common way in the US to get a tax write-off and at the same time make a difference. Since the year 1992 more than a million cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles was donated to charity. If you consider making a boat donation mainly for the tax purpose, then it is advised that you make an appointment with your accountant or financial advisor to discuss the decision with him.

There are many different charities that will benefit from your boat donation. Marine-based charities normally keep the boat donations for the use of the charity, seen as they use boats for research and education on the water. Other charities will benefit from the boat donation in a sense of selling the boat and using the proceeds to further their cause.

What makes it even easier is, when you make use of a donation company such as ours, Donate Car USA, we will handle all the legal stuff such as providing you with the necessary paperwork, picking up your boat within 3 to 4 business days and dealing with the decision the charity makes regarding your boat donation, in terms of either keeping the boat or selling it at an auction. A boat donation will definitely make you feel good, and will give you a tax deduction in return.