Car Donations Promote the Welfare of Special Needs People

ARC or Activities, Recreation, and Care is a non-profit institution that mainly serves people with developmental disabilities. Their mission is to promote welfare, education, advancement, and protection of individuals who have developmental disabilities by assessing their abilities and potentials and developing and implementing a specialized regimen of activities tailor made to help them reach their full potential. This involves not only mental and physical development, but emotional and spiritual growth as well. ARC also helps built communities through different activities and recreational programs that are not only educational but therapeutic as well. If you want to be part of their noble cause, the simple gesture of making a car donation to their name will be a big help in supporting their many programs.

One of the pioneer activities offered by ARC for people with developmental disabilities is the Saturday Program, which offers therapeutic socialization and recreation for all ages. The program aims to enhance peer relationships and improve or maintain physical fitness. The Adult Activity Program offers continuing education, community integration, communication skills, independent living skills, as well as art and music activities to develop the holistic well being of adults with developmental disabilities. Adaptive Living is the institution’s residential program, which began in 1997. The program provides residences for adults who want to learn how to live on their own. They are taught how to manage their money, shop, do laundry, do their own banking, maintain safety, as well as maintain personal care. Other programs include the Young Adult Club and Musical Choirs. The group also supports 2 residential camps, where their clients can go on field trips, do hiking and participate in typical camp activities. You too, can extend your help to Activities, Recreation, and Care by making a car donation.