Help Preserve Dying Cultures With Your Car Donation

Endangered Threads Documentaries is a non-profit organization that was founded way back in 2004 with the main goal to produce documentaries of educational nature about endangered indigenous art forms. Their main focus is indigenous art forms and cultures that are in imminent threat of endangerment and disappearance because of the homogenization of cultures and global economic expansion. They have produced a number of documentaries featuring weavers from different locations across the globe, in the hope of raising awareness and in turn, preserving these cultures. Their target viewers are textile enthusiasts, weavers, anthropology teachers, travelers, students, museum audiences, and the general public who have interest in these kinds of documentary work. If you want to help uphold endangered traditions and art forms, you can contribute to this cause by making a car donation to Endangered Threads Documentaries.

To date, the group has produced 4 different documentaries, including one entitled Saving the Weavers: Small Assistance Programs for Maya Women in Highland Guatemala, which features a story of 10 Mayan weavers who managed to preserve their tradition despite the devastation brought about by the 36-year Guatemalan Civil War. Manuela & Esperanza: The Art of Maya Weaving is another documentary which focuses on the lives of 2 Maya weavers, Manuela & Esperanza. The documentary walks audiences through the typical life of Maya weavers. Two other titles include A Century of Color: Maya Weaving and Textiles and Splendor in the Highlands: Maya Weavers of Guatemala, which were the 2 pioneering documentaries released by the group. Endangered Threads Documentaries have many more documentaries under development, including Sheer Elegance: Surviving Strands of Ancient Maya Weaving and Agave Fiber Crafts of Guatemala and Ecuador. Your car donation to this organization will go a long way in helping uphold these types of endangered traditions and cultures in the world.