Create a Safe and Sustainable Poultry Industry by Donating Your Car

Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance is a coalition composed of poultry catchers, contract growers, processing workers, labor organizations, religious community members, environmentalists and other individuals that seek to acquaint and educate community leaders, policy makers, the media, and the general public about the hardships and struggles that people in the poultry industry experience. Their main mission is to create and uphold a sustainable model for the poultry industry that provides fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions for catchers and workers, reasonable environmental policies that protect the state’s drinking supplies and waterways, and fair contracts for growers. The program is spearheaded by the National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, seeking to find the best working conditions for those who toil to provide quality poultry to the public. If you want to do your part in advocating for the Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance, you can take the first step by making a car donation in their name.

The alliance works to provide safe working conditions for plant workers who are exposed to chemicals, unsafe equipment and cold temperatures that only contribute to the high illness rate in the industry. They also seek to provide fair compensation and contracts for growers and farmers who are often forced to face loss of land and bankruptcy due to unfair contracts. Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance also advocates for poultry catchers who suffer from many respiratory diseases due to exposure to bacteria, dust, and microorganisms in chicken houses, as well as those who work in these unsafe working conditions without fair compensation and health benefits. The foundation also advocates for the environmental safety of the communities, which may potentially be exposed to waste from chicken houses. You too, can help uphold a safer, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly poultry industry in Georgia by making a car donation to Georgia Poultry Justice Alliance through this website.