Donate a Car and Enrich Family Connections

Family Connections, El Dorado offers family-centred and multi-specialty services for the benefit of the communities in the Western Slope of Eldorado, Sacramento, and other surrounding areas. They specialize in service delivery, training, and education, advocating for the well-being and health of families, as well as the children and youth of these communities. They support a wide range of programs, all of which aim to strengthen family connections and enrich communities. You can be part of this cause by making a car donation to Family Connections, which can help support the different programs and services offered by the organization.

The Integrated Family Therapy and Professional Counseling program provides therapy for victims of abuse and trauma and family members suffering from eating disorders, depression, anxiety and mood disorders, substance abuse, as well as those who are grieving. Professional counseling for parenting, co-parenting, separation and divorce, teen pregnancy and teen parenting, and for families caring for children with special needs are also at hand. Family Connections also provide classes and group sessions that address various family and parenting issues, like the Roots and Wings class, psycho-educational parenting, Anger Management, and Family Violence Intervention Program. In addition to these family-related programs, the foundation also offers help in Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs, helping parents help their developmentally delayed children reach their full potential through various programs like speech and language therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and other effective programs. Proyecto Alborada is a special community outreach program, also lead by Family Connections, serving Latino families in the area. The program offers community resources, connections to health, community, and mental health services, family support, transportation, interpretation, school linages, and home visitation, among other programs. The foundation is also involved in providing equine connections and therapies as well as other training programs. Your car donation will go a long way in fulfilling the mission of Family Connections.